CORSAGEToday many people are taking their vows of marriage in the form of eco-friendly green wedding. Now the habits of people are changing and accommodating more and more ways to say hello to the eco-friendly living. The concept of this green weddings now can be applied to the wedding ceremony also.

It is now easy to find the recycled wedding invitations are can serve organic cuisine. Here are some of the tips that you can apply while making arrangement for the green weddings.

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Vital things to consider

You can start with putting the simple theme for the simplification, reuse whatever possible, in that way you can save resources as well as some handy cash. As the green wedding market is growing rapidly, many more companies are now entering into this market, so you should better look out the wedding service providers that really claims to provide you the green wedding services in eco-friendly style. Also, you can take the initiative of information your guest about the green wedding concept so that they can know about the brilliant steps you have taken to make this world nature-friendly and peaceful to the environment.

Stationery and Invitations

wedTableYou can use the recycled paper or the papers truly made from the alternative fiber like a bamboo. You can take the help of internet to find the relevant websites that can provide you the option to save the papers. On the printing part, you can use calligraphy writing because it can save inks, solvents, toners & chemicals used to do the printing, use the dual printing mode to print on both sides of paper. Apart from that, you can use emails or chat options to send the important messages regarding the wedding ceremony.

Rent for a cause

Choose the wedding venue that can take the benefits from you renting fees. You can choose to rent for a cause to certain sites like a museum, gallery or any other cultural organization. You can also choose to go outside like at the beach, at gardens, at jungle which is an ideal location to perfectly go green. Use candles to create a romantic glow for the perfectly elegant reception. Use bamboos to decorate the location instead of using steel or iron rods. It gives you both organic and modern look. But organic material and use flowers for the elegant decoration.

pexels-photo-57980Go organic in menu

You can go organic by ensuring that the guest and co-workers in your wedding are not exposed to pesticides, you can take the help of catering services who can provide you organic foods in your menu. Use linen & china made materials instead of disposables so that you can recycle everything.


This can play a vital role in making your wedding truly green in terms of natural and healthy environment. It should be carefully chosen so that you don’t have to travel more. You can take the help of wedding planners or wedding service providers to arrange location full of greenery for you.